1 billion users? TikTok is going to make it next year.

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    TikTok is without a doubt the social network of the moment. According to a report by App Annie, the platform could reach the 1 billion user milestone by 2021. And yet, some caution is needed as there is still a US ban in the air. America accounts for several hundred million TikTok users.

    TikTok success
    According to App Annie, TikTok’s success is likely to continue. The website analyzing the growth of apps predicts that the video sharing app will clock more than a billion active users by 2021.

    TikTok, which was founded in 2016, then mingles in a select group including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and WeChat.

    The business potential is also good. Users spend a relatively large amount of money on TikTok. In terms of consumer spending, it ranks # 2 of all non-gaming apps. TikTok makes money from advertising, but also allows users to give virtual gifts. TikTok collects a few percent of each gift.

    However, the Chinese application still risks a national ban from the Trump administration, although it was reprieved last week. In recent months, the social network has been heavily criticized by Trump. He sees a threat to national security in TikTok.

    Joe Biden and TikTok?
    Biden’s position on TikTok is not yet fully understood. According to an adviser to Biden, the TikTok policy of the new US president is still being tinkered with. However, the potential sale to Oracle and Walmart in the US is still very much alive, said Biden’s advisor.