Apple is coming with Apple Music TV

    MTV, you wouldn't say that M stood for Music these days, but it really is. In the 80s, when MTV started, music was constantly playing on it. One video clip after another came along and artists who did their very best to turn it into really artistic projects. Artists still do their best on the video clips, but they are no longer seen on the standard MTV. Hope is on the horizon: Apple is coming with an Apple Music TV channel.

    Apple Music TV
    Apple Music TV is a streaming channel that shows video clips 24 hours a day. The channel can be viewed via the Apple TV app, an Apple device or the special Music app. There are really constant clips, because there is no advertisement or advertising. In any case, it is not an interactive platform either: they are clips and you can watch them, but it is not possible to chat or comment on them. You do not have to expect integration with the Apple Music app, so if you want to remember a song, you will add it yourself.

    In a world where everything is constantly connected with each other, it is a fairly straightforward “transmitter”. Although Apple fans who are used to having an entire ecosystem available to them may even have to get used to it, this is something that can provide the real MTV feeling. You don’t have a choice, you get to see clips and that’s it. That is, unless there is a marathon. Then, for example, songs by Bruce Springsteen are played all day to celebrate the release of Bruce Springsteen’s new album (tomorrow).