Dr. lee removes big cyst on patients neck.

Acne means pimples. The pimples are on the face, on the back, on the chest, or on the shoulders. The skin contains glands that produce sebum (a greasy protective substance). When these glands become clogged or inflamed, pimples form.

Nevertheless, acne is the most common in young people between the ages of 15 and 25. Almost everyone gets acne during puberty, some more than others. Very occasionally acne does not start until adulthood. Acne is a visible skin condition that can be quite annoying and cause psychological problems.

What are the symptoms of acne?
With acne, pimples appear on the face, back, chest or shoulders.

Characteristic of acne are the blackheads (comedones). A white bump appears on the sebaceous gland. This is an accumulation of sebum. Later that dot can turn black: an ‘open’ blackhead. When the sebaceous gland becomes inflamed, a red pimple develops, often with a yellow head of pus. Sometimes acne can scar.

Acne can make you insecure and gloomy. Often acne is on the face and is very visible. You may feel ashamed or unhappy about it. Then try to talk to someone about it. Of course you can also go to your doctor to talk about your bad feelings.