Drainage of massive blisters.

    Do you have a flight planned to the other side of the world soon? We are here to prepare you and your skin for it. Your favorite skin care products are therefore also available in mini format. These little ones can be taken in your hand luggage and can then take care of your skin for up to about two weeks.

    The moisture content of the air in an airplane is much lower than on the ground. This immediately has a negative effect on your skin. After a while on an airplane you often notice that your skin starts to twitch and feels dry. Due to the extreme dryness, your skin can produce more sebum. And excess sebum can cause pimples.

    Ingredients that do the most for your skin are often the least stable. This means that they lose their effectiveness if they are exposed to air and light. For example, think of vitamin C, antioxidants and retinol. Such ingredients stay at their best in packaging that allows as little light and air as possible and where you don’t have to stick your fingers in (bacteria source!): preferably a pump or opaque tube. So no more jars.

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