Electric rental cars are on the rise

Everyone has rented a car in their own country or on holiday. The concept is the same everywhere: you pick up a car somewhere and then return it after use. When picking up, of course, pay close attention to the fine print and make sure you don’t pay more than the price that was promised online. If you have a breakdown, you will also receive another car than the reserved model. Fortunately, there are also parties that do things completely differently. The fully digital platform from UFODRIVE, for example. Here you can rent a premium electric car with 5-star service.

Rent an electric car without physical contact

Sustainable driving and renting
We have known for a while that electric driving is the future. More and more models are coming onto the market and the range of these cars is now wide. Charging is also easy and the network of charging points is still growing every day. The sharing of cars and other sustainable vehicles has grown enormously in recent years. In the big cities you already rented with ease, fully app-based, for example an electric scooter. Now you can just as easily book a luxury electric car for one or more days.

At UFODRIVE, for example, you can choose from a Tesla Model 3, in which you drive electrically while enjoying all the luxury the car offers. An ideal car for business trips, among other things. If you don’t own a copy yourself, you can now drive a premium electric car at the touch of a button.