Facebook groups is 10 years old today

Did you know that today (October 6) will be 10 years since Facebook groups were introduced? Meanwhile, tens of millions of communities are active on Facebook. In fact, half of all users worldwide are members of five or more groups, where people come together around diverse interests, to learn new things, to be entertained and to make new connections.

Facebook is celebrating the anniversary with new features for the groups.

Some highlights:

  • New tools for group administrators – Including the ‘Admin Assist’ option, where rules can be set to assist in the management of the group. And ‘New Topics’, which gives the opportunity to better highlight content with a certain subject within the group.
  • Group functions for more engagement – With the option ‘Chats’ direct conversations can be set up within the group and ‘Q&A’ ​​facilitates a questioning session with the community.
  • Community Management Certification – To further support group administrators, who are at the heart of Facebook’s mission, Facebook has established a training and certification program. This way they are even better equipped to further build and grow their communities.