Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout takes over the summer.

A few years ago everyone was obsessed with Pokémon Go and this year another game seems to have been released that will take over the last weeks of the summer holidays: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Battle Royale
You wouldn’t say it by that name, although “Fall” does not mean autumn in this case. Fall refers to falling here. You have to be the last man standing in this battle royale. Familiar territory, but this game does it slightly differently. You don’t just have to shoot together with 59 other players, you have to perform all kinds of assignments a la Takeshi’s Castle.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is extremely playful, offers a super colorful world and surprising assignments. For example, you have to select the correct door to proceed because other doors will trap you. Or you have to cross the water by jumping from stone to stone, while some stones sink down.

Mediatonic has done its best on this game. It is not only fun to play for fun, but also for gamers with a passion for collecting. You can win crowns or kudos. You get the first after you have won a game, the second when you just play and improve gradually. And with that you can buy skins again, so that your Fall Guy looks like a pirate.

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