Garmin launches Swim 2 smartwatch.

    Garmin has announced the Garmin Swim 2. A GPS smartwatch that you can use in both swimming pools and open water. Via your wrist the watch monitors the heartbeat both above and below water and at the same time it monitors the distance traveled, the number of strokes per stroke and the pace.

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    The second Garmin Swim generation is not designed to be worn only while swimming. It has options to monitor health throughout the day. The watch keeps an eye on health by keeping track of the number of steps and the quality of sleep. When the wearer connects the watch to a smartphone, it automatically uploads the data to Garmin Connect; a fitness community where users can view and analyze their activities. At the same time, it is possible to monitor progress and make adjustments to the workout based on this. Incoming text messages, calls, social media and mail can also be viewed with the smartwatch.