Gerrard Street, sustainable headphones.

    Worldwide, we throw away 15 million kilos of headphones per year. Startup Gerrard Street develops headphones where all loose parts can be replaced. Tom Leenders and Dorus Galama are the founders of Gerrard Street. We talk to Tom about the origin, how it goes and where it should go!

    Where did the idea of ​​Gerrard Street originate?
    “On my master’s degree in Industrial Product Design at the University. Dorus and I are huge music fans. I play the saxophone and Dorus Piano, and we always used headphones to listen to music or to rehearse or to study more quietly. And that’s how we found out that if something breaks on your headphones, you have to throw the whole thing away. That kept us from buying expensive headphones. But we did want that better sound quality. Then we decided that headphones should actually be modular. So that you can replace and repair things separately. My personal motive is that we throw away too much electronics, I want to do something about that. “