Google is working on cheaper version of Nest smart thermostat

The appliances in our house are getting smarter and fortunately more affordable. For example, website Bloomberg announces that Google is coming with a new version of the Nest thermostat. It would be a lot cheaper than its predecessors. In addition, the device has become smarter again and you can operate it with hand gestures. It would hit the market for $ 129, a competitive price for a smart home thermostat. This is partly because the housing is made of plastic instead of metal.

Operation with hand gestures
The new thermostat would also be provided by Google with a new technology with which it can be operated with hand gestures. A sensor is then placed that is comparable to the Soli system in the Google Pixel 4 smartphone that was released last year. The sensor can ‘read’ hand gestures. For example, you can control the temperature by moving your hand up or down in front of the sensor or sideways to navigate through the menu. Google itself has not yet responded to the arrival of the new thermostat.

Cheaper hardware
The new thermostat is in line with the strategy that Google used last year to offer cheaper hardware. That started with the Pixel smartphones, the latest Pixel 5 is now even $ 100 cheaper than its predecessor. This will make Google’s (smart home) devices accessible to a wider audience. You can buy the Nest Mini for € 59. The new Nest Audio speaker can also be purchased for the competitive price of € 99. This speaker and smart assistant has recently been for sale in our country and the reviews are enthusiastic.