Huawei opens its own webshop in the Netherlands

Huawei today launches the Huawei Store. It is an online store where you can buy the products of the Chinese tech company. Huawei says that it does not necessarily want to compete with the channels that have been selling Huawei products for a long time, but that it mainly wants to offer service to (potential) customers. In addition, the idea is to also offer some more exclusive items in the webshop, such as the smart (sun) glasses of Huawei X Gentle Monster and the Huawei Sound X speaker.

In the online store you will find the new phones from the brand, as well as a somewhat older model such as the P30 smartphone, while the P40 has been there for a while. Huawei does not plan to offer the products at rock bottom prices, but it does make it interesting to buy products in a bundle. If you bundle that P40 Pro with the smartwatch GT Watch 2, for example, the latter costs 30 euros.

Huawei webshop
It is a fascinating step that Huawei is taking: where the website used to refer to sales channels such as and Belsimpel, visitors are now referred to Huawei’s own shop. The company hopes this will make it more accessible for customers: by properly training the employees of the webshop in the products of the smartphone giant, people could make their choice more informed.

It is also one of the few moments when the Chinese telephone maker has direct contact with its customers. Plus, especially given the American ban that prohibits Huawei from using Google services, customers have more questions than usual. Huawei says with every smartphone in the store to show whether or not it uses Google services, in addition to that customer service can advise on this.

Despite the ban and the pandemic, Huawei is still pursuing its 1 + 8 + n strategy, which means it hopes the former will be a Huawei smartphone, which you can then link to 8 different product categories in which Huawei is active. Think of smartwatches, earplugs, laptops, but also smart home, something that Huawei may expand more into.