Launch renewed macOS does not go smoothly.

    The new version of Mac’s operating system is here and it’s not called Big Sur just like that. He’s a big guy who makes a lot of changes to Apple computers. The design in particular has been revamped enormously, with Mail and Photos, among others, resembling what they look like on mobile more than ever.

    Big Sur
    Big Sur should make things easier to manage. So just a bit more intuitive control with more options for users to use their device as desired. Moreover, buttons and menus now disappear even if you don’t need them. The Control Center has been completely renewed, as has the Notification Center with more notifications and widgets.

    Safari has gotten more security options, such as privacy reporting for the sites you visit and password monitoring. Safari also notifies you if it thinks it is better to change your passwords. The Safari homepage also gets more options, so you can add shortcuts and it can automatically translate. The best new feature within the browser, however, is that it is 50 percent faster than Chrome, Apple promises.

    Other apps that are going through a lot of big changes due to Big Sur are Messages, Apple Maps and the Mac App Store. Above all, they are just a little faster or better to use. Siri has even become smarter: she can find a little bit more on the internet to provide you with an even better answer.

    Apple Macbook
    Also curious about Big Sur? Then you need a Macbook from 2015 or newer, or a Macbook Air from 2013 or newer, a Macbook Pro from late 2013 or newer, a Mac Mini from 2014 or newer, an iMac from 2014 or newer, an iMac Pro from 2017 or newer or a Mac Pro of 2013 or newer.

    Mind you, there are some problems with Big Sur. Some users find that apps take a very long time to start up and when they finally get there, they falter and sometimes even become unresponsive. Annoyingly, not only people who use Big Sur seem to be affected, but it started when Big Sur came out. Even Apple TV and Apple Pay seem to be affected. Hopefully, Apple will be able to fix this soon, so that everyone can fully enjoy the new possibilities of Big Sur.