LEGO BrickHeadz are the answer to Funko figures

    They have been around for a while, but you see them more and more: LEGO Brickheadz. These are official LEGO products in the form of a buildable character, approximately the size of a Funko doll. However, where Funko has already grown to a collection of 8,366 pieces (and while we type this, it is probably already 8,367), LEGO takes it a bit slower. With its Brickheadz, it focuses mainly on Disney brands to date. For example, a new pair of BrickHeadz has recently been announced that are at the top of our wishlist: The Mandalorian and The Child (baby Yoda).

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    Lego BrickHeadz
    BrickHeadz were introduced at Comic Con in 2016: there was a set of Batman and The Joker, but also one of Superman and Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Captain America, and finally Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Not just Disney brands, because here are not only Marvel heroes, also from DC Comics. Later there were also BrickHeadz that came one piece in a box.

    At least not one piece of course, because the fun of BrickHeadz is that you still have to assemble it yourself. Then you have a figure that you can put in your virtual cabinet. There are now BrickHeadz from Donald Duck, Pluto, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, but also more general variants with animals or Santa Claus with his reindeer. And the BrickHeadz are also from Star Wars, how could it be otherwise.