Marshmello the new number 1 DJ in the world.

    During the crisis, DJs were unable to perform much. At least, being physically present in a room with an audience. DJs keep on playing on social media.

    And then there is one star, Marshmello is the DJ who scores the best on social media. In the past five years, the number of followers of the artist on YouTube has grown by no less than 2800 percent, according to research by Denis Doeland and NXTLI.

    Different format Top 100 DJs in the world
    Various authorities in the DJ world have been arguing for some time to replace the DJ Mag Top 100, also known as the Top 100 DJs, for a new ranking. With DJs no longer performing analog and the DJ Mag Top 100 having been criticized for years as a subjective popularity poll, they thought the time was right to launch a data-driven alternative.

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    Marshmello as the absolute star, Charlotte de Witte on the rise
    Marshmello is number 1 on the alternative DJ rankings. Since 2016, his follower count on YouTube has grown by 2800 percent. Incidentally, he is now number 5 in the DJ Mag Top 100. Marshmello posts an average of one message a day and three YouTube videos every month; he shares a constant stream of content with his fans.

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    Doeland: ,, Marshmello proves that continuous performance on social media is not without reward, because his online reputation grew by no less than 400 percent. ”

    Techno DJ Charlotte de Witte is also very successful. She not only posted live streams on Facebook and Instagram, but also reposts of outtakes from these streams several times a week.