Multiple dark colored blackheads

Acne also forms deep below the surface of the skin. The bumps associated with acne go hand in hand with a painful, throbbing sensation. The well-known pimples and acne have a white – white due to the sebum that is accumulated here – head. The skin condition acne, which many young people but also adults have to deal with, is linked to hormones that are out of balance.

If you have acne and are sensitive to an outbreak of pimples, you often get them around your period and around the chin and jawline. Tip: never, never squeeze, because they can ignite very quickly. Classic pimples are also called pustules. It is a pus-filled, superficial blister in the skin. They are hard, red, often with a white or yellow heart that almost begs to be squeezed. Do not be tempted, because by squeezing you also run a greater risk of a scar afterwards.

source: YouTube