Netflix tests smart Shuffle Play function that saves you thinking

As if there isn’t enough chaos in the world already, Netflix is testing Shuffle Play right now. This is a smart function that allows you to zap through Netflix without having to think about what you want.

Remember the iPod Shuffle? That’s right, that MP3 player that plays your music in random order. The new feature Netflix is testing right now does the same thing, but in a more advanced way. After all, we are already fifteen years further in time.

Netflix Shuffle Play
The shuffle function is currently being tested by Netflix on various accounts in the television apps of the video service. The streaming service has confirmed this to TechCrunch. The purpose of the button is that people find fun movies or series faster, without scrolling through all of Netflix in an endless search.

At the moment, testing is done with a button below the profile name, which you see before starting Netflix. When the Shuffle Play feature will be rolled out is not yet known. At this point, the first feedback is coming in from the testing viewers. Based on this, it is determined when and in what way you can shuffle through new films, series and documentaries.