New generation AirPods (Pro) and headphones Studio.

    New generation of AirPods and AirPods Pro
    We are now ready for the third generation of AirPods and second generation AirPods Pro. The latter wireless earphones are also equipped with a handy noise canceling function. That is why they are even slightly more expensive than the regular AirPods. Yet the AirPods Pro are now just as popular. Anyone who owns a pair knows how nice it is to be able to filter out the ambient noise every now and then.

    According to sources at Bloomberg, Apple is working hard to further expand the successful AirPods range in early 2021. These will probably be updates of the current models. For example, the third generation of AirPods reportedly gets smaller stems and replaceable earplugs for more wearing comfort. They may also be released in black.

    New AirPods Pro even smaller
    The second generation AirPods Pro have to be even more compact. With that, the stem will probably disappear completely. The small ears therefore fit even better in the ear of the user. It seems to be a trend to keep making earplugs smaller. They are also working hard on this at Amazon, Google and Samsung. The renewed generation of AirPods (Pro) are powered by new wireless chips. As a result, the components take up even less space and the housing can be reduced in size. That does mean that it will be even more difficult to see if someone is wearing earphones.

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    Headphones AirPods Studio
    It has long been rumored that in addition to the wireless earphones, Apple is also coming with high-quality over-ear headphones. This AirPods Studio also has noise canceling. Production was supposed to start a few weeks ago, but it has been postponed because of problems with the interchangeable headband. It is Apple’s first over-ear headphones and a logical addition to the AirPods range.