New Mac Pro with all the trimmings? That would be $ 53,000

    Mac Pro
    This new Mac Pro is the model’s first major update since 2013, and it is seen as an attempt by Apple to reclaim creatives who have fled to Windows. As the electronics company’s new showpiece, the updated version stole the show at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference last June.

    The real enthusiast is of course not satisfied with just the Mac. People with a little extra to spend can choose from a list of impressive upgrades. A 2.5GHz 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz at $ 7,000 – intended for creative industry professionals – is an example of one of these upgrades. Or how about 1.5 TB of DDR ECC memory worth $ 25,000, intended to arm you against data corruption? If you choose all the options through Apple’s Online Store, you will end up with a whopping $ 53,247.98.

    For comparison, that’s a lot more than what the single-engine model of Tesla’s new Cybertruck costs. Its starting price is $ 39,900.

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    It should be clear that the fully equipped version of the new Macbook Pro is not intended for individual customers, but aimed at the professional market. The Macbook Air and Pro without all these upgrades usually meet the needs of individuals, who mainly use the devices for private use. 1.5 TB of extra memory (that’s 12x 128GB) is not a feature that the average user needs.