Nike launches the Joyride: new running shoes with an innovative cushioning system

    Nike has once again been busy developing new applications. The Joyride’s cushioning system is the latest addition to the running technology that the brand has developed.

    The renewed midsole of the Joyride consists of air pockets filled with small ‘TPE Beads’, which should ensure that the cushioning is even better while running.

    The Nike Joyride with beads
    Well, those beads (beads). Nike has placed it in the Joyride in ‘zones’, which allow the foam to expand in all directions – this the company calls multidimensional displacement. This should ensure that the shoe is completely adjusted to your foot. There are different zones, which Nike have tuned based on how your foot hits the ground while running. For example, the zone on the heel is larger so that it can absorb the impact of a step well.

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