Nokia is going to build a mobile network on the moon for NASA.

    We wrote about the internet from space yesterday, Nokia is literally going even further by building a mobile network on the moon. The Finnish company has been selected by the space agency NASA to build the very first mobile network on the moon. If you happen to set foot on the moon within a few years, you can share that special event with the world thanks to the 4G technology that Nokia is installing there. This network is part of NASA’a Artemis program, with which it wants to bring people back to the moon from 2024. Maybe the Finns don’t make the best-selling phones anymore, their network technologies are quite groundbreaking.

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    Communication from the moon
    Nokia’s Bell Labs division will start building this special network on the moon in 2022. By the way, no human has to travel to the moon for that, because it is sent with a moon lander. According to Nokia, the network installs and configures itself afterwards. This network then provides important communication options, especially important for everything and everyone on the moon. Think of controlling lunar landers, real-time navigation and streaming video recordings made on the moon. Nokia’s LTE network placed on Moon is the forerunner of 5G and ideally suited to provide the wireless connectivity that astronauts need. Robots on site will soon be able to communicate with each other more easily thanks to the advent of this network.

    LTE technology
    The same LTE (Long Term Evolution) technologies that have provided us on Earth with cellular data and calling capabilities for the past 10 years are now used by Nokia for communications in space and on the moon. LTE is a proven successful technology and is used worldwide. Nokia plans to launch with 4G and later even 5G on the moon.