Now also GroupWatch available at Disney +.

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    Disney + has a new function as of today: GroupWatch. This allows subscribers to watch films and series from the entire Disney + range spread over different locations with friends and families. A welcome update in times of the tightened Corona rules. In order to be able to enjoy a nice film or series together a bit more. GroupWatch will be available after updating the Disney + App.

    After launching a test version in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and later also the United States, the function is now also live in the Netherlands.

    Disney + GroupWatch
    Via GroupWatch, up to 7 people can simultaneously watch content via web browsers, mobile devices, connected TV devices and Smart TVs, sharing real-time reactions with each other.

    “Stories come to life when you can share them with others and enjoy them together, and in today’s age where many are still separated from friends and family, GroupWatch provides a way to connect in a secure, virtual way by working together. watch your favorite Disney + stories with your favorite people in the comfort of your own living room, ”said Jerrell B Jimerson, SVP Product Management for Disney +.

    But how does GroupWatch work? You can go and watch with friends or family by taking the following steps:

    1. As a subscriber you can take advantage of this new experience by clicking the GroupWatch icon on the Details page of the series or movie you want to watch on Disney +.
    2. You will then receive a link with which you can invite up to six other people to watch together. Note a Disney + subscription is required for everyone.
    3. You then need to send the invitations from a mobile device or web browser. The series or movie can also be viewed from a connected TV device or Smart TV.
    4. When everyone has opened the link, you can react real-time while watching via the Disney + app with a number of different emojis: “like”, “funny”, “sad”, “angry”, “scared” and “surprised”.