Official LG Wing: all about the first smartphone with a rotatable display

    The LG Wing is a unique smartphone with a second rotating screen. A variant that we have not seen before. But it is not a coincidence as the LG Wing supports LG Electronics’ goal of discovering various still undiscovered concepts with their Explorer Project in an attempt to bring new insights to the smartphone industry.

    In addition to the foldable smartphone models from Samsung and Huawei, this LG Wing has a unique shape and design. These should offer a completely different telephone experience for consumers who are looking for something new.

    Hidden and rotatable second screen
    The LG Wing is unlike any other smartphone in the market. As a user you can switch at any time between basic mode and swivel mode (the part that is rotatable). That should provide a more comprehensive and different user experience. In reality, it is a second screen unless the software comes to understand this technology and provides you with additional information.

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    In swivel mode, the entire front of the phone rotates 90 degrees clockwise, with the main screen entering landscape mode revealing a 3.9 inch second screen. This makes new usage possibilities available and applications can be split over two screens or two applications can be displayed simultaneously.

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