Philips TV is introducing the OLED + 935.

The biggest announcement this year (as well as the year before and the year before) was the new high-end television in collaboration with British audio giant Bowers & Wilkins: the Philips OLED + 935. The range of awards and recognitions of the previous OLED + models have once again brought the two brands together, resulting in a brand new Philips Ambilight TV with the highest possible PQ and a premium sound system.

Philips OLED + 935
The OLED + 935 has already been awarded the EISA Home Theater 2020 Award. The TV will be available in 55 “and 65” in September. A smaller model (48 “) will follow in October. Both Philips TV and Bowers & Wilkins share the same philosophy of continuously improving every part of the product design, which has led to the launch of the new OLED + 935; Philips Ambilight TV that once again pushes the audiovisual boundaries within the possibilities of premium television.

The OLED + 935

AI provides a better balance

A new and innovative addition to all 2020 Philips OLED TVs is that of a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality. A second AI chip in the OLED + 935’s 4th Generation P5 processor provides an enhanced AI system, using additional processing power to add the new functionality.

This AI functionality uses neural networks and machine learning to analyze millions of PQ test clips from a unique database. This database has been developed by the Philips TV development team over the past 30 years.

Rather than producing even more output from each of the five PQ pillars (source, color, contrast, movement and sharpness), the AI ​​software is designed to create a better balance between these pillars. By analyzing all elements of the content frame by frame, AI produces a much more realistic and natural image that transcends the regular television picture.

The improved AI system also features a new AI Machine Learn Sharpness function, an optimized AI Smart Bit Enhancement system and an updated Perfect Natural Reality (PNR) function.