Pokemon Go is running its best year ever.

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    You would think that in the midst of the pandemic we are so glued to us that playing Pokémon Go is very difficult, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because Niantic has made the necessary adjustments to the game, it has already raked in no less than $ 1 billion in income this year.

    Pokémon Go
    Pokémon Go appeared in 2016 and managed to raise a whopping $ 4.2 billion in four years. So players have spent a lot of money on the game, although the average per player is probably not too bad. There are simply so many players, not everyone spends a single cent on this free-to-play smartphone game.

    Amazingly considering the home stay and the huge hit that Pokémon Go was, in the 2016 release year, the game brought in “only” $ 832 million. In 2017 it was even less, but the first ten months of 2020 show that the Pokémon are completely back, Sensortower writes.

    This year, Niantic has made sure that you don’t have to leave home so much to still enjoy Pokémon Go. Especially in the United States this has an effect: 1.5 billion dollars was spent on the game there. Japan is a close second with 1.4 billion, followed by our eastern neighbors with 238.5 million.

    Do you still have Pokémon Go on your phone? In total, the game has been installed on 600 million different devices. All in all, the hype appears to be far from over: after PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, Pokémon Go is the game on which the most money is spent worldwide.