Relaxing ‘inflamed’ acne treatment

Acne. Almost half of adolescents suffer from it, especially on the nose and forehead: the T-zone. But unfortunately you can also suffer from acne on the side of the cheeks and on the chin, the U-zone, later in life. Fortunately, you can counteract acne with a mild treatment and the right cream.

Acne can be recognized by pimples and pimples. These are located on the face, back, chest or shoulders. Some pimples get a white head, others remain red or even turn purple. The pimples you see are the tip of the iceberg, because it all actually happens in your skin. There are also so-called blackheads in acne.

Usually the first step in the treatment of acne or pimples is: medicine in the form of a cream or lotion. These are often very helpful. Most creams have a keratolytic effect, which basically means that they have a peeling effect. The sebaceous gland does not get clogged, the sebum can get out and so no blackhead or pimple forms. There are several options of these acne creams. For example, creams or gels based on benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are available without a prescription. If irritation occurs with daily use, I recommend applying such an acne cream less often. For example, twice a week.

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