Relaxing nose blackhead removal.

The skin under a mask can become restless and irritated due to the combination of a warm environment, sweat, friction and irritation. This can cause pimples, itching, flaking and dryness. In dermatology we call this acne mechanica (if the acne is more caused by friction) or acne occlusiva (if the acne is more caused by blockage of sebaceous glands). But a term that is now regularly used in popular speech is maskne, which actually covers the load very well: acne, skin rash or irritation from wearing a mouth cap.

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Before putting on your mask, apply a nourishing face cream every day. This provides an extra protective layer, as it were, so that your skin is less affected by the mask. Use a cream that you like and that suits your skin type. For example, a somewhat greasy, thicker cream is fine for dry skin and a thinner cream is finer for oily skin. But, of course, choose mild products. So without perfume, alcohol or other irritating ingredients that can damage the skin barrier and irritate the skin even more.

Or no acne through your mouth cap?
Did you know that you can still get acne at a later age? Instead of pimples on the T-zone (nose and forehead, where almost half of adolescents have them), you get pimples on the sides of the cheeks and on the chin, the U-zone.

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