Removing every bit of this 10 year old cyst.

Acne, the occasional pimple, blackheads from clogged pores: it can be quite stressful for your skin and even affect your self-confidence. Don’t just reach for the first anti-blemish cream for pimples. First, take a look at what’s really going on with your skin. Is it an accidental blackhead (due to your menstrual cycle, for example) or are you dealing with a long-term skin problem?

Understanding your skin is the first step to taking control of your blackheads, acne, blemishes and oily skin. With a simple step-by-step plan (with the right ingredients) you can go a long way.

Each type of impurity changes how your skin looks. But one looks red and fierce, while others barely notice it. Blackheads are in any case caused by clogged pores, below the surface of the skin. As the English name black head says, the blackhead has a black tip. Unlike other impurities, a blackhead is open

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