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The skin changes with us throughout our lives. As babies we still have very fragile skin. The skin is then slightly thinner and can dry out quickly. This is because the skin cells are less close together and the skin is therefore more ‘open’. And as we get older, we loosen up in our own skin. We get wrinkles and spots from spots that were there before.

This process of skin aging is natural. But sometimes it goes faster due to external factors. Sun and smoking are the two biggest culprits for rapid skin aging. And besides that UV rays affect the process of skin aging, they can also cause skin cancer. It is important to protect your skin from the sun.

Skin allergy
Did you know that in Europe one in four people develop a skin allergy? This increase is partly caused by the use of perfume or preservatives. Once you are allergic to a certain substance, you can never get rid of it. So it is important to avoid skin care products containing perfumes, fragrances, dyes and other allergens. What you do want to see in skin care products are ingredients that really do something for your skin. Ingredients such as niacinamide and glycerine restore the skin barrier. Skin’s own lipids, urea and shea butter provide optimal hydration.

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Hydrate skin
Unfortunately, it is not the case that if you drink enough water, your skin will become less dry on its own. So you can’t moisturize your skin from the inside. Moisturizing through creams is also not possible literally. What is possible is that certain ingredients such as urea and lipids ensure that the skin is better able to retain moisture.

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