Sebaceous cyst removal.

Step 1: cleaning
Good skin care goes further than just applying creams: it starts with cleaning. By cleaning the skin you remove dirt, make-up, excess sebum and micro-organisms.

When cleaning, try to be kind to your skin: so do not scrub and do not use aggressive cleaning products. Always use a facial cleanser that is pH neutral and does not contain harsh/aggressive cleansers. And try not to shower or bath often, long and hot. This dries out the skin.

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Step 2: care
After cleansing, care is important, especially when there is dry skin. With good skin care you can restore a disturbed skin barrier and keep the healthy skin barrier in optimal condition. Taking good care of your skin is therefore not a superfluous luxury!

Which cream you use does not have to be complicated; it’s all about using neutral skin products – even if you have skin problems like acne or rosacea.

Step 3: sun protection
Protect your skin from the sun with a sunscreen. Sunscreen is important to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. Also, by protecting your skin from UV rays, you immediately prevent skin aging. Did you know that sun exposure is the biggest external cause of skin aging? So you can simply protect yourself against this by rubbing yourself daily with a day cream with SPF or sunscreen.

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