Sony wants to buy Crunchyroll for $ 1 billion

    If you’re interested in anime as a westerner, chances are you know Crunchyroll. The typical Japanese cartoon genre is well celebrated on Crunchyroll: the site is full of anime, complete with English subtitles. The service therefore has many users: 70 million units, of which 3 million are paying subscribers.

    The website features more than a thousand anime shows, plus a few hundred Asian drama series and manga (Japanese comics). It started in 2006 as a kind of upload site where you could stream anime. That was useful, as fan-created subtitles were often added. For example, people in the West could watch Japanese cartoons with English subtitles.

    In the end, the service received a considerable investment a few years later, but also a lot of criticism: offering anime was not done in the most legal way. It united the two by looking for legal distribution agreements right from the investment and offering anime content officially.

    Crunchyroll is not only a gathering place for all kinds of anime from other providers: there are also all kinds of Crunchyroll originals. The company is officially part of AT&T WarnerMedia, so it is part of a gigantic organization.