Spotify shows you what you and your favorite artists are listening to.

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It’s always a present, the New Music Friday on Spotify. As if you open a box of chocolates and can take a bite of each chocolate and then put it back in the box if you don’t like it. However, Spotify is increasingly looking for new ways to sell music. The latest experiment? Compare your music taste with that of your favorite artist.

Artists on Spotify
Although many artists on Spotify are active to promote and update their music or create playlists for the fans, there are also artists who use Spotify to listen to music that they like. That can be interesting for fans. After all, that music can just be inspiration for a new album or mean a complete change in sound. Plus, you can discover cool music yourself again.

You don’t even need to have Spotify Premium to use the new feature. Free Spotify users can also use “Listen Alike”. You will not find it in the app, but on this special page. You choose a celeb with whom you want to compare your music taste and Spotify does the math. You will eventually get a score that shows to what extent you and artist X listen to the same thing.