Spotify’s new option for video ads.

Test ad

The popular streaming service Spotify comes with an option for advertisers to place video ads on the platform. The capability is now available on Spotify Ad Studio, the self-service platform for advertisers. And that is quite interesting for companies because it allows them to reach their (young) target group in a different way. Brands can convey their message on the platform with visual storytelling. Users will then see these ads appear while streaming a playlist or podcast.

Sound is always on
On other platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, many users have their sound turned off. Then the message that is told in a video does not come across as you intended as an advertiser. The big advantage of advertising on Spotify can therefore be the sound. All users have the sound on. Combining audio and video ensures twice the interaction on Spotify, according to research from the platform. The advertising income consists for an average of 25% video.

Video ads increasingly popular
Spotify cleverly responds to the trend of video ads. They are becoming increasingly popular. More and more videos are shown on all online platforms. That is of course not surprising, because we have been watching (short) videos more and more for years. Spotify’s Ad Studio is the latest addition to the self-service platform for advertisers. As a brand, you can set real-time targets based on interest, music and podcast streaming and, for example, specific targeting on listeners of corporate podcasts.