Stubborn sac and cyst removal

Blackheads are seen in both adolescents and adults. In adolescents, blackheads are caused by hormonal factors. The pubertal hormones not only cause more sebaceous glands to be formed, but also cause them to become overactive. As a result, far too much sebum is formed, causing the output passages to become clogged.

That is why blackheads in adults mainly arise from the use of too greasy cosmetics that close the pores. Furthermore, make-up that is not washed off properly at the end of the day causes blackheads. These products are therefore known as comedogenic. Literally this means “promotes formation of blackheads”.

There are various manual methods to remove blackheads. These treatments are performed by a skin therapist or beautician. The blackheads can be pushed out with the fingers or spooned out with a blunt or sharp spoon. The facial skin is thoroughly cleaned and steamed beforehand

source: YouTube