Tesla launches its own tequila and it sells out in no time.

    We know that Elon Musk regularly takes life with a grain of salt since he was a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast and the foundation of The Boring Company. A few years ago, Teslaquila showed up in an April 1 joke by Musk. But as is often the case, it does not stop with a joke, tonight Musk launched Tesla Tequila and it was sold out in no time.

    The name has since changed from Teslaquila to Tesla Tequila and a bottle will cost you $ 250. After the first batch has been sold out quickly, bottles are already being offered at various locations for double that price. Do not fall for that, there will be a second batch.

    Tesla Tequila
    For the tequila, Tesla has partnered with the California mezcal and tequila distillery Nosotros Tequila & Mezcal and distribution to Speakeasy Co. Nosotros has made a small edition añejo tequila from 100% agave from the highlands and lowlands. The latter is good for the taste. The bottle is hand blown in the shape of the symbol for electric charging.