The Colosseum is one of the largest LEGO models ever.

    The Flavian Amphitheater, known all over the world as the Colosseum, was the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire. The Colosseum had a capacity for about 70,000 visitors. And for more than 100 years, millions of people have been able to watch the many fights in the amphitheater here. Few compares to the grandeur of the Colosseum in Rome. In 2007 it was therefore chosen as one of the seven new wonders of the world. And every year more than 6 million tourists visit this legendary building.

    But you no longer have to go to Rome to see the Colosseum from the end of November. LEGO has released its largest construction ever. This epic model of the Colosseum with a staggering 9,036 pieces accurately depicts every part of the famous structure. Thanks to the authentic details, the northern part of the outer wall and the iconic arches are clearly visible. The model consists of 3 floors, decorated with Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. The upper floor is decorated with Corinthian pilasters.

    The LEGO Colosseum rests on an oval base, so you can view the model from any angle. It is one of the largest LEGO models ever. And is part of a range of LEGO models for adults who love beautiful architecture and thoughtful designs. In addition, it is of course also just a great gift for architecture enthusiasts and LEGO fans.

    LEGO Colosseum
    With this new set from LEGO:

    • Bring your own version of the impressive Colosseum to life with this engaging and immersive (set number 10276) adult model building kit.
    • This model of the Colosseum is approx. 27 cm high, 52 cm wide and 59 cm deep. With an awe-inspiring 9,036 pieces, this Colosseum model is the largest LEGO set ever.
    • Anyone with a passion for architectural modeling will appreciate the amazing details in this Colosseum memento. The 3-storey model is decorated with Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns.
    • The Romans didn’t need batteries and neither did you! This model of the Colosseum is fueled by imagination.
    • This set features richly illustrated building instructions with inspiring design and history details.
    • The model is part of a range of inspiring LEGO building sets for LEGO fans and hobbyists who love elegant designs, beautiful architecture and models full of detail. In the video above, LEGO Designer Rok Kobe discusses all the details of this large LEGO set.