The electrified wing-suit.

    Man has had the desire to fly since its existence. Around the year 1490, the Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci made the first scientific study of bird flight.

    Centuries later, in 2020, the German car brand BMW is busy making people fly.

    Flying at 300 km / h through the air
    It is an electrically powered suit. Skydiver Peter Salzmann achieved a speed of 300 km / h with the innovative “wingsuit” during a test flight over the Alps.

    BMW makes wingsuit for skydiver
    Peter Salzmann is a wingsuit pilot and flying pioneer. Floating above a blue sky in the cutscene, he launches his electrified wingsuit into the open as the first human to ever do so – and forever breaking the limits of human flight.

    In this partnership with BMW i, not only is a sport redefined, but you also gain insight into the new era of e-mobility.
    “When you’re base-jumping, the jump itself – the point of no return – is the most intense moment,” Salzmann said on BMW’s YouTube channel.