The Jerusalema Dance Challenge goes viral

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    Don’t know the song Jerusalema yet? Then quickly open Spotify to listen. And be sure to watch the accompanying video clip. The song by the South African Master KG is not only a summer hit, but also extremely popular thanks to the accompanying dance. The ‘Jerusalema Dance Challenge’ is going viral right now. More and more groups of people appear on social media who have mastered the dance.

    Jerusalema a hit worldwide

    By the way, the dance was invented by a few Angolan boys and went around the world in no time. That makes us happy, because it is copied by young and old. And then shared on social media so we can all enjoy it. Especially on, how could it be otherwise, TikTok and Instagram, the dance is incredibly popular. And that makes the song now a huge hit and appearing in the charts worldwide.

    The song is cheerful, a bit monotonous, but already the symbol of worldwide connection. Friends, family and colleagues are making videos en masse. Listen, watch and master the dance. Don’t forget to share it on your social channels with the #jerusalemachallenge. Then we can all enjoy it!

    This is the video clip of Jerusalema and the devised dance: