The largest puzzle in the world: 27 wonders of the world in 51,300 pieces

Do you have no more nice Netflix series to watch? And are you looking for something to entertain you for a long time? Well, then you are going to be sweet with this puzzle. Photo company Kodak now has one for you with 51,300 (!!) pieces and calls it ‘the largest puzzle in the world’. So who thought he was already doing well with his Jan van Haasteren with 1,000 pieces: this is the real deal.

27 wonders of the world in one puzzle
This puzzle is not only a huge challenge, with so many pieces, but it is certainly fun for travel enthusiasts to do. Kodak has put 27 wonders of the world in one puzzle. They are photos taken by professional photographers. The real seven wonders of the world are in between, but also places such as the New York skyline, Mount Fuji, Neuschwanstein Castle and coral from the Great Barrier Reef.

Kodak has made it a little easier for you than you might think, because the pieces are divided into 27 bags of 1,900 pieces. So you don’t have to figure out whether that one corner in the photo of the Colosseum belongs, or whether it is the Great Wall of China. But you can put them all next to each other when you are finally done with it, and then you have a puzzle that does not fit on the floor in most Dutch living rooms. Or you must have a piece of 8.5 * 2 meters left …