These new Emoji will be available for Apple soon.

We already knew that we could expect new Emoji with the arrival of iOS 14. As of today we also know which ones they are and in which release we can expect them. Today users of the iOS 14.2 beta were finally able to see the Apple designs of the new Emoji. Are you an Android user? Then with the arrival of Android 11.0+ you will get the same Emoji. Back to Apple. In the public previews of iOS 14.2, we see more than 100 new Emoji and we can expect them in the short term.

A taste of the new Emoji we can use with the arrival of iOS 14.2

Transgender symbol, dodo and ninja
You probably often use the same Emoji. This is understandable, because the range is so large that it takes a lot of time to get to know them all. Fortunately, iOS 14.2 is already making it easier for us because we finally have a search function for Emoji. The latest copies will appeal to many iPhone users. There are all kinds of fun new designs such as a dodo, beaver, bubble tea, boomerang, matryoshka, roller skates and ninja. But also new gender-inclusive options and more variations in skin tones. We can only applaud that!