This is what Tesla’s new battery is all about.

    Elon Musk is in the news again, because the Tesla CEO has shown new battery technology. This should positively influence how far Tesla’s electric cars can travel.

    Tesla’s new battery
    It is a “tabless” battery that is produced within Tesla. The costs that Teslas make per kilowatt-hour have to go down and this new tech should help with that. It should even ensure that an electric car will soon cost as much as a car that runs on gas. This should make electric cars many times more attractive.

    The part of the battery that makes the connection between the cell and the power, that is the tab. Tesla has now completely removed it. These new cells are called 4860 and could provide five times as much energy. The range of the car would thus be improved by 16 percent. The costs also go down by 14 percent per kilowatt hour.

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    It actually makes sense: the “middle man” is taken out, so that the energy gets to where it needs to be faster. The exciting thing is that Tesla will be building these batteries itself within its own facility. The 2170 cells now used in the Model 3 and Model Y are manufactured by Panasonic. Although in Tesla’s giga factory, but not by Tesla itself. That is now about to change.

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