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New smart toilet provides a health scan.

In a few years you may be able to check your health immediately during a visit to the toilet. If it is up to the engineers at IMEC Netherlands, this is the toilet of the future.

While you are delivering your message in the toilet, the Smart Toilet measures your health. You will even receive a summary based on the results. IMEC Netherlands wants to use the place that everyone uses multiple times a day. As soon as you take a seat, the toilet starts to measure your heart rate and blood pressure. But your urine also tells a lot about health and indicates whether you drink enough.

“Raheem Sterling the first footballer on Nike Air Jordan for 100 million”

Of course we know nike Air Jordan mainly from the basketball shoes, but the brand will soon be an indispensable part of football. English footballer Raheem Sterling seems to be the first footballer to play football boots from the brand founded in 1984 by Michael Jordan. According to The Telegraph, a £ 100 million contract is waiting for him.

At the beginning of this season, Raheem Sterling signed a new contract with Manchester City, where he will earn £ 300,000 (322,000 euros) a week. An excellent salary of course, but the real money can now be earned with sponsorship deals. At the end of this season, his contract with Nike will expire. A new Air Jordan contract of 100 million pounds (107 million euros) would therefore already be ready for him.

Nike Air Jordan football boots
Slowly but surely, Nike Air Jordan is gaining ground in football. For example, Nike announced the collaboration between Paris Saint-Germain and Air Jordan almost a year ago. Since then, the French champion has been playing in special shirts in the Champions League and there is a Jordan x PSG line.

Local EV makers Xpeng and NIO are conquering China.

After a period of headwind, the two most popular Chinese EV makers, NIO and Xpeng, have finally gotten the hang of it. The companies are growing fast and hungry for more.

Starting with Xpeng, they produced their 10,000th electric vehicle at the new Zhaoqing Smart Factory last month. That happened less than 160 days after the factory was built. Xpeng now claims to be the fastest starter of all Chinese EV brands.

With a range of 706 km, the rear-wheel drive Xpeng P7 is the undisputed market leader. The in-house designed electric drive system of the P7, equipped with the German Infineon 950 IGBT module, offers a maximum engine efficiency of 97.5%. The battery of the P7 is only 110 mm high and reaches an energy density of 170 Wh / kg. In addition, a power of 81 kWh is delivered.

Xpeng differentiates itself from other brands by targeting “smart tech”. Indeed, the P7’s cockpit is quite rich in gadgets. Innovation is important to Xpeng. According to CEO He Xiaopeng, the Chinese EV market is at a crossroads where only the companies that differentiate from the crowd will survive.

Competitor NIO has meanwhile broken a sales record. 5,055 vehicles were sold in October, 100.1% more than in October last year. In total, NIO delivered 31,430 electric vehicles in 2020, an annual growth of 111.4%. There are now 63,343 Nios driving around China. Nio has three models: the ES8, ES6 and EC6.

Xpeng and NIO are quite different. Xpeng produces its new model, the P7, itself in a self-built factory, while NIO outsources production. Xpeng is strongly focused on vertical integration, NIO is not. NIO does work hard to advance and promote the entire EV ecosystem. NIO also innovates, including a unique battery exchange system in which the driver exchanges the battery for a fresh one. That is of course faster than charging.

The first Android phone from Microsoft

Previously, Microsoft was still busy with its own smartphone operating system Windows Phone, but that was not the success that the IT company was hoping for. So now it has switched to Android and the Surface Duo is the first Microsoft smartphone with this operating system. Smartphone is not quite the right word, however, because this is a dual-screen phone that, with the screens against each other, can simply be called a tablet.

The phone has two 5.6-inch screens with a resolution of 1800×1350. The OLED panels are brought together thanks to a hinge that can move 360 ​​degrees. The refresh rate is a bit on the low side at 60Hz. The phone doesn’t have an overly large battery either: with only 3577mAh for two screens, you probably won’t get through a day with it. An advantage is that Surface Duo is nice and thin: when opened it measures only 4.8mm. We just wonder if that thinness is worth the small battery.

ZACO A9s: innovative robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function

Robot vacuum cleaners are the ideal aid in the household. No hassle with cables and large appliances that get stuck behind the sofa. ZACO is a relatively new player in the Benelux in the field of robot vacuum cleaners and we are therefore very curious about the results. We got to test the showpiece, the A9s!

The benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner
Cleaning is not a hobby for anyone, right? No matter how big your family is, cleaning needs to be done everywhere. Especially when there are also pets walking around! The advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is that you switch it on and the robot then does the work itself. Just raise your feet and ready. It saves a lot of time, especially since you can run the robot whenever you want.

The A9s is the latest cleaning robot from the ZACO brand, formerly known as iLife. This robot is full of the latest techniques. It is equipped with a 360 degree camera with which a room is scanned in 3D. For example, the A9s draws the smartest route all by itself to make the space as clean as possible. With the large 600 ml waste container, it can make a big round in the house. Also ideal when you have pets (or children ..) walking around.

The electrified wing-suit.

Man has had the desire to fly since its existence. Around the year 1490, the Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci made the first scientific study of bird flight.

Centuries later, in 2020, the German car brand BMW is busy making people fly.

Flying at 300 km / h through the air
It is an electrically powered suit. Skydiver Peter Salzmann achieved a speed of 300 km / h with the innovative “wingsuit” during a test flight over the Alps.

BMW makes wingsuit for skydiver
Peter Salzmann is a wingsuit pilot and flying pioneer. Floating above a blue sky in the cutscene, he launches his electrified wingsuit into the open as the first human to ever do so – and forever breaking the limits of human flight.

In this partnership with BMW i, not only is a sport redefined, but you also gain insight into the new era of e-mobility.
“When you’re base-jumping, the jump itself – the point of no return – is the most intense moment,” Salzmann said on BMW’s YouTube channel.

Sony wants to buy Crunchyroll for $ 1 billion

If you’re interested in anime as a westerner, chances are you know Crunchyroll. The typical Japanese cartoon genre is well celebrated on Crunchyroll: the site is full of anime, complete with English subtitles. The service therefore has many users: 70 million units, of which 3 million are paying subscribers.

The website features more than a thousand anime shows, plus a few hundred Asian drama series and manga (Japanese comics). It started in 2006 as a kind of upload site where you could stream anime. That was useful, as fan-created subtitles were often added. For example, people in the West could watch Japanese cartoons with English subtitles.

In the end, the service received a considerable investment a few years later, but also a lot of criticism: offering anime was not done in the most legal way. It united the two by looking for legal distribution agreements right from the investment and offering anime content officially.

Crunchyroll is not only a gathering place for all kinds of anime from other providers: there are also all kinds of Crunchyroll originals. The company is officially part of AT&T WarnerMedia, so it is part of a gigantic organization.

OPPO launches new smartphones: Reno4 Series

Brand new and very colorful. OPPO’s Reno4 Pro, Reno4 and Reno4 Z offer professional (night) photo and videography features packed in a stylish design. The Pro version is the thinnest 5G phone to date and features a dedicated Sony lens.
At just 7.6mm and 172g, the Reno4 Pro 5G is nearly invisible from the side, and almost imperceptible in your pocket or bag. Slimmer than you think, lighter than you feel.

The Chinese telephone maker has equipped all devices with 5G for a lightning-fast and smooth user experience.

The Reno4 Pro and Reno4 come with two upgraded features, Ultra Night Video and Ultra Steady Video 3.0, which allow users to easily record different scenes.

Photo and videography capabilities for every scene

As a 5G videography phone brand, OPPO has fully upgraded Reno4 Pro and Reno4 video functions allowing users to shoot different kinds of scenes, resulting in extraordinary videos.

To avoid blurry images and improve the clarity of night shots, OPPO has rolled out the Ultra Night Video feature for the Reno4 Pro and Reno4. In terms of hardware, the Reno4 Pro is equipped with a Sony IMX708 ultra-night wide angle video lens, which has a huge range of 120 ° and captures wider angle shots with much more detail.

Microsoft Teams is used 1.5 times more.

Cat asses, neighbors drilling and colleagues in their pajamas: it’s not something you thought would play such a big role in your life, but 2020 just surprised us with a pandemic and measures. As a result, we can be found constantly on video conference tools, which is also evident from new figures about Microsoft Teams.

No longer in the office
If you have an office job, it now means something completely different. Unless you have a free room in your house to create an office, you’re probably sitting on the sofa or working at the dining table. Being in the office with its open plan offices, jargon, coffee machine talk and of course looking at the clock to see if it is already 5 o’clock: we have not been doing that for more than six months now.

Instead, we are busy video conferencing. Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Video and Microsoft Teams are constantly being tapped to just see a different person. Sometimes because it is fun with a group of friends, sometimes because you have a work meeting with your manager. Now, of course, we’ve known for a long time that the pandemic has caused video conferencing to grow so dramatically, but new figures show that Microsoft’s service continues to thrive: there are as many as 115 active users online every day.

Satya Nadella
The growth that Microsoft saw at the start of the pandemic is continuing well. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has announced that Microsoft Teams has a whopping one and a half times as many daily active users. Six months ago it was still 75 million. How the competition is doing is unfortunately expressed slightly differently: Google says, for example, that there are 100 million daily active participants within Google Meet, but whether that also includes people who log in three times a day (so they are counted three times ). Zoom has 300 million daily active participants and the same goes for Slack.

However it relates to each other: the numbers are considerable and Microsoft has a large share of them thanks to its Office package at companies. It has even added special features due to the pandemic, such as Together Mode where you see people sitting next to each other virtually. Instead of people all being visible in a rectangle from their house, it seems as if the team fills an entire lecture hall.

The new Nest Audio.

The new Nest Audio is 75 percent louder according to the specifications and has 50 percent stronger bass than the original Google Home. Given the new dimensions, we are not surprised. Inside the Nest Audio is a 19mm tweeter for the high frequencies and a 75mm mid-woofer for the bass. The two together should ensure that you as a music lover will love this newly designed speaker.

We can quote Google because the sound of the Nest Audio does indeed sound full and natural. Google says it has spent more than 500 hours tuning to ensure the balance between the bass, mid and treble. The resulting balance must therefore better match all genres: classical, R&B, pop and more. Also, the specially designed and used materials would be optimized for audio without annoying distortion. This should also ensure that the music matches the intentions of the artist in the recording studio as much as possible.

Thanks to Media EQ, Nest Audio can automatically tune itself to what you are listening to, to music or to the voice of the Google Assistant. With Ambient IQ, Nest Audio also lets you adjust the volume of the Assistant, news and music based on the background noise in the house, so that you can, for example, hear the weather forecast while the dishwasher is noisily completing its program.


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