Welcome back SpaceX Crew Dragon heroes!

The first manned flight of SpaceX already seemed a success, but has now been completely completed. The Crew Dragon brought NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley back to Earth safely. At a quarter to nine in the evening of Dutch time on Sunday evening, the two men landed in the water via parachutes with a soft landing, where they could get off after more than an hour.

It took a little longer before we saw the smiling men being carried out on their stretchers (after the 3.5G forces that hit their bodies, and of course the weightlessness in space). There was a problem with potentially toxic air, so the support people had to be extra careful to open things up.

SpaceX ‘Crew Dragon
The duo landed in the Gulf of Mexico after taking a space trip of several months. They traveled to the International Space Station in pairs and also returned in pairs. That was also the goal, to show what the Crew Dragon can do, as SpaceX prefers to launch commercial flights to the ISS next year. For example, Tom Cruise would like to travel in the Crew Dragon to shoot a movie.

The launch of this first manned SpaceX space flight went a lot less smoothly than the return, as it had to be delayed at the last minute due to bad weather conditions. That night we probably could have seen the Crew Dragon when it crossed the Netherlands after half an hour, but the bad weather on the eventual launch day (May 30) made it a lot more difficult.