What are the top forex platforms and how do they help traders?

A forex trading platform is used by traders to enter and exit their trades online. It is the interface between the trader and the prices set by the broker, giving real-time access to the market prices and split-second execution of trades. Trading using any of the top forex platforms is incredibly exciting and the financial rewards can be very high. Not only do these platforms provide the prices of stocks, commodities, currencies and indices amongst other markets but they also have some of the most up-to-date trading technology available. Due to the huge level of competition between brokers to attract traders to their platforms, there is a great deal of investment going into these to try to stay ahead of the market. 

What do top forex platforms do?

Top forex trading platforms connect traders to real-time prices of the markets and also offer the tools to analyse these for trading opportunities. Most spread betting and binary options platforms provide the largest range of online markets under one platform which also offers the most trading opportunities for traders. Top forex platforms in the spread betting industry also invest huge sums of money in their charting packages and online software to make trading both interactive and straightforward. Online platforms can also be accessed directly online, making trading possible from anywhere in the world. 

Many trading platforms provide great offers

Many spread trading and binary options platforms not only offer a great service with access to some of the best trading technology possible, but they also provide great introductory offers to new account holders. These introductory offers include things such as cash-back on losses for the first few weeks’ trading losses to a straightforward cash incentive in your account to get you started. The top forex platforms will also provide comprehensive training free of charge with access to webinars and seminars as well as trading strategies. Some of these will also allow you to trade from as little as 0.10 pence per point for a time after opening your account.