You can now also tweet with your voice!

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    Fun! It is now also possible to bombard each other with not only words, but also with voice messages on Twitter.

    Currently, Twitter is testing the ability to tweet audio messages through the Twitter app for the latest iOS.

    “This makes it easier to tweet while on the road, with your voice,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

    How does sending audio messages via Twitter work
    Twitter provides a clear explanation of how to send audio messages.

    Below is a brief explanation: Tap the compose Tweet icon, Tap the vote icon, Tap the red record button to start recording your message and tap Done when you’re done.

    Not only audio but also text in the tweet
    You have the option to add a tweet text and / or start a collection with multiple tweets. You can record a maximum of 2 minutes and 20 seconds for each individual spoken tweet. If your post is longer than that, it will automatically be split into a collection of up to 25 tweets.
    When you’re done, tap tweet to send the tweet. So you can record your own radio show on Twitter, so to speak.