ZACO A9s: innovative robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function

Robot vacuum cleaners are the ideal aid in the household. No hassle with cables and large appliances that get stuck behind the sofa. ZACO is a relatively new player in the Benelux in the field of robot vacuum cleaners and we are therefore very curious about the results. We got to test the showpiece, the A9s!

The benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner
Cleaning is not a hobby for anyone, right? No matter how big your family is, cleaning needs to be done everywhere. Especially when there are also pets walking around! The advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is that you switch it on and the robot then does the work itself. Just raise your feet and ready. It saves a lot of time, especially since you can run the robot whenever you want.

The A9s is the latest cleaning robot from the ZACO brand, formerly known as iLife. This robot is full of the latest techniques. It is equipped with a 360 degree camera with which a room is scanned in 3D. For example, the A9s draws the smartest route all by itself to make the space as clean as possible. With the large 600 ml waste container, it can make a big round in the house. Also ideal when you have pets (or children ..) walking around.